Restoring a 1956 Zamboni

Traveling home to Ramsey County MN

Check this out! A restored Zamboni Model F, circa 1956 or so.  Still with the overhead snow-dumping paddles but the conditioner on the back which washes, scrapes, and floods the ice with new water. Functionally it is not much different than the 1949-ish Model B which literally fit on a Jeep – body and all. These early models had four wheel drive with dual-axle steering, and Frank Zamboni found that when making the initial pass along the boards, the rear wheels often tended to turn into the boards, jamming the machine against the dashers until people could push/pull it away. He switched to four wheel drive/front wheel steering soon after.

This blue & white model was restored in Somerset, WI and will go home to Aldrich Arena in Ramsey County, MN for special events.

Photo credit goes to R&R Specialties