SCSU Hockey Training Center St. Cloud, Minnesota

Project Description

To attract and develop top athletes from around the country, St. Cloud State University is creating a varsity hockey performance space worthy of the highest level of training and support. The center will include a dedicated puck shooting space, video review and team meeting room, sprint track, aerobic circuit training, and free weights, as well as a dining area to allow team meals and daily nutrition control. The dining area will be available to other SCSU entities when not being used by teams.

Located below grade in an area with limited square footage, the main challenge, and goal, posed to JLG was to create a competition space equal or better to other schools with more room available. JLG focused on maximizing the number of features within the space, including the addition of an indoor sprint track that was originally considered too large to be able to add. Natural light was brought into the area, and the dining area was arranged so that it is fresh and impactful for all who use it. Strong, bold, energizing features pull strongly from the team colors and athletic branding and maintain the same level of materiality and design as the rest of the already-renovated team spaces.

Project Data

Completion Date: 2019

Size: 5,059 sq. ft. renovation

Construction Cost: $453,945


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