Benilde-St. Margaret’s prep school, located in the Minneapolis, MN area, has a rich history of high school championship hockey. On the ice, players and coaches are striking in their red and white jerseys, but off the ice their home locker room in the St. Louis Park Recreation Center is literally tucked under the stands, with hardly room to stand up.

They turned to JLG to design a brand new locker suite in another part of the arena – one befitting the storied program and that can be a true home for their team. Intended to inspire student athletes and act as a recruiting tool, the suite will contain spaces for the players on the boys varsity and junior varsity teams. In addition to individual lockers for 40 players, the suite will contain private toilets and showers (something they don’t currently have), coaches lockers, storage, hangout space for players, and a work area for sticks and skates. The new home of BSM hockey will also be adorned with dozens of images and graphics from team history – all intended to hammer home the power of the Red Knight brand.